Sunday, March 21, 2010

Name that Veggie (with Giveaway!)

Have you ever seen these before?

I had never bought these before...I didn't even know what I was looking for and had to ask the produce guy where they were.

I am using this in a Roasted Vegetable Pie that I am making tonight and will be blogging tomorrow!

The first person to comment and correctly name this veggie will get something yummy! (I don't know what, but I promise it will ruin any diet you might still be hanging onto from your New Year's resolutions!)  ; )

And while I am uploading pictures, how cute is this??

He hasn't had a real church outfit for over a year, so we finally broke down and bought him one.  He was so excited about his new tie.  He ran into church and went and pulled on Dad's pant leg and yelled, "Look at me!!"  So cute!


  1. I think it is either a parsnip or a turnip. Do I have to specify?

  2. I'm going to specify and say parsnip. I don't think I have actually ever tasted one since the 2 things my dad wouldn't eat were parsnips and turnips. But please don't make my reward (if I win) something made out of parsnips. I have a built in dislike for them (thanks to my good old pop.

    And yes, Cohen looked adorable and very grown up today.

  3. I too thought parsnip or turnip but then I chose parsnip. Don't think I have ever eaten either one.
    Love the tie! We got one for Tuck for Easter and he is excited for his own just like his brothers.

  4. It's a parsnip. WE were served them alot on my mission. Not my fave, but good with gravy!

  5. It is a parsnip
    Dad Leavitt

  6. Yes, it is a parsnip. I have never even seen one before. We thought they tasted kind of like a potato and a carrot together. They were quite good roasted in the veggie pie!
    Michelle (thankfully a very close neighbor) won the prize...maybe parsnip pudding??? ; )
    I'll bring you something the next time I get the baking bug!

  7. Parsnip pudding? If so, I would be happy to pass that on to the 2nd place winner. And you have given me more then enough treats, so no worries!