Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Am Still Here...

So...this summer has been a little crazy!  Super fun...but very busy.

Here's what my summer looked like:

  • Trip to CA in early June.
  • Arts Festival classes in June.
  • Youth Conference in June.
  • July 6-20  Two week choir tour all over the Southern US with my three oldest.  Meaning the two youngest were home with Mr. Mom for 2 whole weeks.  They had a blast and he did a great job! I spent my birthday on a bus...yes, all 24 hours of it!  Yes, you should feel very sorry for me.  ; )
  • July 31-Aug 2 Trip to St. George with just the two youngest while oldest three were at camp.
  • Straight to San Diego (alone!) for my cousin's wedding.
  • Aug. 14-18 Enjoyed my favorite week of the year...BYU Education Week with my sisters and mom!
Whew!! What a summer.  It totally flew by, but I had tons of fun and never, ever felt that summer was dragging or had to deal with bored kids because we always had something to look forward to!

Here we are at Graceland.

Ahhh...the tour bus.  I'm glad I don't have to see one of those again until NEXT summer!  ; )

But since I stopped blogging in April, I can't really JUST blame it on the summer.  ; )  Oh, well.  Life happened...and cooking new recipes did not I stopped having anything to blog about.

But now I am back on track.  I have two new recipes on my menu list and if I can just find the time to make them, I will take pictures and post them!

We have a large crop of bell peppers from the garden so we are trying Vegetarian stuffed peppers and I am also trying Ravioli with Butternut Squash sauce.  So, I will be back this monday with a new Meatless Monday!

Thanks for not giving up on me!