Welcome to The Sparitarian!!

I am a Stay-at-Home mom to five kids and I love it!  I have four daughters and one son.  I feel very lucky to get to fill each day with the things that I love: exercising, reading, organizing, cleaning (well, I love a clean house), cooking, doing house projects, hanging out with friends, and being with my kids...oh, and relaxing with my husband every once in a while.  ; )

My other hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, running, and READING, READING, READING.  I have taken to reading while working out on the elliptical machines at the gym.  It is the perfect way to get my workout in and still make some progress in a book.  The only drawback is that I don't log as many miles running as I should! ; D

So...enough about me...   

How this blog got its start....

About four years ago, my husband made a New Year's Resolution to not eat meat for one month. He just wanted to see if he could do it.  Could he handle the inconvenience of having to choose other things for his meals?  He found that it was easier than he thought.  That's what started the whole thing.  At the end of that first month, he decided that he could do this indefinitely as long as he got to enjoy a favorite meat meal every once in a while. So he made the decision to eat meat the first weekend of every month. And he coined the phrase "Sparitarian"...because he was eating meat SPARINGLY.

It took the family about 18 months to completely transition to the Sparitarian life...but we did it.  As more people discovered that we had (almost entirely) cut out meat, I started getting asked ALL THE TIME "What do you eat??".  And then from those who were interested in eating less meat themselves... "I need your recipes!!"  

So, instead of copying down dozens of recipes for each person that asked, I decided to start a blog where I would post a "Meatless Monday" every week...or every other if life gets crazy!

I hope this blog gives you some great ideas to bring some healthy vegetarian meals to your table...enjoy!