Monday, August 2, 2010

Mexican Salad with Cilantro dressing

This is a lot like a salad I posted a while back, but with just a few yummy variations.

My sister in law made this salad when we were all in Seattle for my brother's graduation from dental school.  I FINALLY found the dressing that she had used, but about died when I paid 5.49 for it!!  We will be making this last a long time!!

I just threw together these things:

Romain lettuce, chopped
black beans, drained
corn, drained
pepper jack cheese, grated or in small cubes--or any cheese you have!
red and/or yellow bell peppers, cut into small chunks
Chips around the edge

Litehouse CREAMY CILANTRO dressing.....oh, YUM!!!  This stuff is amazing.  I wish I could learn how to make it myself and safe a bundle on my grocery bill.  I was kind of afraid to introduce my husband to it, because I'm afraid he'll want it to become a staple in our house...but he might have to get a second job to support the habit! ; )

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