Thursday, April 1, 2010

Off to Hawaii!!! (after we ditch the kids in CA!)

We are leaving this weekend for our trip to Hawaii!

And since I have a family of 7 to pack in the next 48 hours, I doubt I'll have time to post the two Meatless Mondays that I'll miss.

I should have started packing and planning days ago, but I have been trying to finish up a project that keeps going awry.  I am staining a headboard and footboard....and I am sick of it!  The stripper, the sandpaper, the messy stain...and then doing it all over again because it didn't turn out.  And now I LOVE the footboard, but not so much the headboard, so I might sand it down and redo it and pray it turns out like the footboard!  But now I have to abandon the project until after Spring Break, because I REALLY cannot put off packing a minute longer!  (Grrr....I hate leaving things undone!)

I'll be back with a really yummy Meatless Monday on April 19th!  Stuffed Zucchini....mmmm....they were even better than I thought they would be!  (And my family liked them way more than the Indian-Spiced yellow split pea soup--they all said it looked like "poo".  ; )  Just wait 'til you see the pictures!)

Have a Happy Spring Break....I know I will!!!

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