Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Did It!

I've had many friends (who aren't on facebook) emailing me asking how everything went with the marathon. It was great! I was very happy with how everything went. It was VERY long (we came in at 4 hours 40 min) but it was actually a really great experience. It does feel like an amazing accomplishment when you cross that finish line. I never hit "the wall" where I felt like I couldn't go another step. I am very glad to be done training. If I could just go run a marathon, I would do it at least once a year...but since it takes 4 months to train, I think it will be a while before I make the commitment again.
I am so grateful for my sweet hubby (who didn't even want to do a marathon this year) for being willing to train and run with me. I could have never done it without him. It was a wonderful goal to achieve together. The only thing I will miss about training is our weekly 3-4 hours of kid-free talking time!

Lon kept me laughing through a lot of the hours (he wasn't laughing after mile 19, though ; ).
For instance: As you are running, it is very common to see men either running off the road to visit the bushes or just returning from the bushes (they don't bother with the lines for the port-a-potties unless necessary...lucky them!). And as we watched yet another man emerge from the bushes, my husband says loud enough for plenty of people around us to hear, "Sure glad I had this catheter installed!" (My sister, who's a nurse, thought that was hilarious.) I thought it was pretty gross, but hey, it took my mind off the running for a little while!

My sweet friend who had my two youngest while we were up in Logan had made a big sign for us when we returned. The kids were excited because they had gotten to color it for us. Thanks so much!

(And it wasn't until I looked at the pictures that I realized we matched. That was not planned at all. )

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