Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On a Crazy Vacation...

Sorry that I missed this last Monday!  I was actually in Seattle with all of my siblings (minus one).  My little sister was supposed to drive with me (and 2 of my kids) but developed pre-eclampsia just before we were leaving.  So I got to drive by myself...ugh...
But I came back through her town in Idaho  just in time to help her with the birth of her baby.  That was this morning at 12:03 am and then I drove home to UT with her little now I have 6 kids to care for... ; 0  Thankfully 3 of them are wonderful babysitters and love to take care of him.
June has been CRAZY so far...we'll see if I'm able to blog much at all this month...because it's not looking good.  Lots of things coming up on the calendar...I better start getting some sleep!

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