Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life...and other things that keep me busy!

I cannot believe it has been a full month since I last posted!  Sorry!

I have been quite preoccupied with some commitments I made a long time ago...namely, PTA Teacher Appreciation Week and sewing 55 articles of clothing for my son's dance teacher (in trade for the entire year of dance for free! ; )

Thank goodness for my MOM!!  She and my dad were visiting and she helped me get everything started and she even took home about 22 of those pieces...including the leotards which scared me a little.  Bless her!!!

The good news for this blog is that I was just at my library last night and found this cookbook that looked like it would have lots of new, easy, fresh recipes to try.

And after I went through and tabbed every recipe that looked interesting and vegetarian, it looked like THIS:

So I promise there are good things to come!  I have also bookmarked quite a few recipes off the internet. I am especially excited to try my first Vegan Lasagna that all the reviewers swear tastes delicious and some even say they can't believe it doesn't have ricotta in it because it tastes so good.  So, we will see!
Stick around...and I will be back on Monday with a new Meatless Dish for you to try!

Have a great weekend!

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